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Williams said the bipartisan bill she is helping sponsor deals with the informed consent aspect of defects litigation. Its only fair, she said, that homeowners in a condo complex are notified of a possible lawsuit against the builder and given the chance to weigh in, rather than leaving that decision to a majority of the homeowners association board. If you go into a civil suit, you might not be able to sell your house or get a second mortgage, Williams said. She said proxy voting would be allowed under the proposed legislation while developer-owned units would not get a say at the ballot box. Doesnt that sound fair and transparent? she asked. Meanwhile, the Metro Mayors Caucus is planning to send a letter to lawmakers Thursday urging them to give a full hearing to Senate Bill 156, which emphasizes arbitration over litigation in resolving disputes. The Denver Post obtained a copy of the letter Wednesday. It includes the signatures of dozens of mayors from around the metro area and forwards the argument that making the environment healthier for condo construction will allow for more badly needed affordable units to be built. Our local governments have passed comprehensive constructiondefects reform because we understand that the law can protect consumers while allowing for thediverse housing development our communities desperately need, it reads. But reform opponents firmly oppose SB 156 because they say it effectively abrogates a homeowners constitutional right to seek redress in a court of law for damage to the biggest investment most people ever make in their lives.